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Angelic Reiki


How does Angelic Reiki Help?

Angelic Reiki offers healing on two levels:

- the alleviation of suffering - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual

- the opening of liberation from ego identification - it empowers you to find your own truth and sense of who you are. 

What happens during a session?

An Angelic Reiki treatment session usually lasts for 1 hour and is made up of three parts. It will begin with an initial consultation to discuss your needs and concerns. This will be followed with a 1:1 healing session, which will involve you lying down, fully clothed on a therapy bed and relaxing completely with the background music. The treatment involves gentle touch, by placing one hand on the upper heart centre (higher chest) and the other on the solar plexus (stomach area). As you relax, the angels will connect with you through your consciousness and bring you the healing that is absolutely perfect for you at that time whether on a physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual level.  The third part, following the healing session there will be some time to discuss your experience, ask any questions and discuss any further support which may be needed.

During an Angelic Reiki Treatment the Practitioner holds an unconditional space totally dedicated to the Angelic Kingdom of Light, which enables the most perfect healing energy to be there. There is only Angelic energy. An Angelic Reiki practitioner does not focus their energy and they do not use psychic powers to ‘see’ what might be ‘wrong’. They do not chant or visualise symbols nor do they move their hands to different positions.

Each recipient’s experience will be different. No two healings are ever the same, but every one will be perfect, as the Angelic Kingdom are in charge. 

Energy is not bound by time and space, so this treatment can also be done remotely at an agreed time, where you can relax without interruption. The healing will take place via Zoom or Messenger or telephone to discuss your needs before sending the remote healing. As with a an in-person healing the session will take place in three parts. During the treatment part, you will be invited to sit or lie down and I will play some background music, whilst carrying out the healing as though you were with me. 

Who can have Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is suitable for people of all ages, including babies. It is also safe for women who are pregnant. It can also be used on animals. 

How much does it cost?

£40 per session

In-person Appointments can now be booked through The Full Spectrum Centre Website

For a distance healing session please contact me through my website to arrange an appointment.