Pure Hearts Healing Meditation Classes

Join me for an evening of meditation and enlightenment with Angels and the Animal Kingdom. 

During each class you will meet with a different angel or animal in a guided meditation that will help you relax and access insightful information or healing that you need in your life at that moment. 

Following the meditation there will be an opportunity to pull oracle cards and chat with like-minded friends in a loving, positive environment.

Coming in May 2022:

Angels of the Tree of Life Meditation - A series of 10 monthly meditations to help you recognise and achieve your full potential. 

Peace, Harmony and Connection with Animals – Healing Through The Chakras - a series of 7 monthly meditations to help you balance and heal through your chakras.


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Crystal Facial Massage

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a 60 minute relaxing, soothing and stress-relieving massage of the face and scalp incorporating the 

vibrational energy of specialist crystal massage tools.



Alternatively, why not opt for our 60 minute Specialised Signature Special 

Frequency Facial, which incorporates the above plus a Facial Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy 



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Visit my Learning From Animals Website to read my motivational and uplifting blogs on how animals can help us with our wellbeing. You can also access unique tools to promote positive emotional and mental wellbeing of children and those who care for them.

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Help your children develop their emotional wellbeing.
Have fun and build relationships, whilst learning important life skills from animal teachers. Llama Meditation is a course designed for children aged 6-11 to complete with their parents or teachers. Through a series of fun movement activities, enchanting guided meditations, meaningful discussions and shared experiences children will build confidence and self-esteem, learn how to manage strong emotions and improve their relationships with others. Various packages available.

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